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Science Programme

More About the Science Programme

Come and embark on an exciting learning journey with our engaging Science classes! Our tailored approach ensures that each learner’s unique needs are met. Delve into the captivating scientific concepts through hands-on experiments and specially curated materials from Perceptum Science. These resources encompass comprehensive concept notes, enriching activities, and targeted practices.

In small class sizes, there will also be more personalised attention, enabling each child to grasp fundamental scientific concepts integrated from different topics that are tested in the latest MOE Primary Syllabus. Our science program is designed to foster a growth mindset, empowering students to embrace challenges and cultivate a passion for science. With the right methodologies and attitudes towards learning, students can better strive for excellence in examinations.


欢迎加入我们激动人心的科学课程,踏上一段充满乐趣的学习之旅!我们量身定制的教学方法确保满足每位学员独特的需求。通过实际操作的实验和Perceptum Science精心策划的资源,深入探索引人入胜的科学概念。这些资源包括全面的概念笔记、丰富多彩的活动以及有针对性的练习。




"Dear Ms Victoria,

We are happy that Rui An has gotten AL2 for his PSLE Science! Thank you very much for guiding and caring for him in the last 2 years! There was a time when he was very frustrated and lost confidence. I’m really happy that obtaining this Science result has helped him regain his confidence to a certain extent and shows his efforts have paid off. Thank you!"

- Rui An’s Mummy

(Parent of PSLE Student, 2022)

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