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English Programme

More About the English Programme

We aim to develop proficiency in English language skills and have a comprehensive coverage of content to be tested, especially for PSLE English that includes Comprehension, Listening Comprehension. Grammar, Vocabulary, Editing, Cloze Passage and Synthesis and Transformation. The components in our curriculum are similar to the STELLAR programme in MOE. The worksheets are especially tailored for academic purposes. We also incorporate teaching strategies such as questioning techniques and experience approaches for analytical and critical thinking. Through this, we hope that the students will attain a good level of competency in English language for academic performance.

The students will acquire skills to tackle the various parts of examination papers such as Cloze Passage, Synthesis and Transformation and open-ended questions for Comprehension confidently. In addition, strategies for writing Compositions will be taught to enhance their stories in terms of language use, creativity and content.  The students will also learn how to read fluently, articulate clearly and present their oral answers in a holistic way.


我们的目标是培养英语语言技能的熟练掌握,课程全面涵盖了英语课程的所有组成部分,特别是针对小六会考英语的测试,其中包括阅读理解、语法、词汇、编辑、完形填空、综合与改写等。课程与教育部(MOE)的 STELLAR Programme 模式相同。这些练习题是专门为学术目的而设计的。教学策略包括视频片段、实践活动和课堂讨论等。






"I would like to thank Teacher Joni for teaching me PSLE English from June till September 2022 at Perceptum. I was a student at Fairfield Methodist School and my results improved from my average score of AL5 to AL3 in PSLE within a few months. Thus, I was able to enter an IP Secondary school.

The English lessons conducted by Teacher Joni were interesting and engaging. I learnt to grasp key points in Comprehension, look for clues in Cloze Passage and attempt different kinds of challenging questions in Synthesis and Transformation.

In my opinion, Teacher Joni has an amicable disposition. She is caring, offering to provide additional lessons nearer to PSLE. She comes across as a responsible teacher who is prompt in marking. She is also patient in explaining the answers in detail!"

- Ryan Tan

(PSLE Student, 2022)

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