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Maths Programme

More About the Maths Programme

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier.


“Learning Maths should be fun, interactive and engaging!” This reflects the mentality of grasping Maths concepts here.

The Inquiry-based teaching and learning approach, along with the aid of creative illustrations, online videos, Maths learning aids and fun games, make learning Maths easy and fun. Using concept-based assignments with varying levels of difficulty and top school examination papers, it helps students to be more confident and better equipped with analytical skills to identify the key concepts in the Maths problem sums and apply the effective methodology to solve them. There is no single formula for success. However, with a positive learning attitude, perseverance and smart learning, students will be a step closer to excellence and success.


“成功是小小努力的总和,日复一日,年复一年。” – R. Collier


“学习数学应该是有趣、互动和引人入胜的!” 这反映了我们在掌握数学概念方面的心态。




"“Hi Mrs Ker,


I scored A2 for Emaths and Amaths! I am grateful to you for strengthening my Mathematical foundation since Primary 4. Without your guidance and help, I wouldn’t have done it.  Thank you Mrs Ker! I aspire to be a teacher like you in the future and I will definitely follow your traits of being a greatly committed and jovial teacher.”"

- Vishnu

(O-level Student, 2022)

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